Affordable Tool to Manage a Local Courier Company

Spend less time tracking orders, and managing drivers and customers & more time making deliveries!

Make speed, quality of service and traceability your competitive edge with mobilus.

Demand for logistics is exploding but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Meeting growing demands can soon become quite overwhelming making you spend too much time managing orders, dispatching and tracking fleets.

Mobilus helps logistics providers & couriers improve their delivery service levels at scale, while boosting efficiency and revenue. We believe in effectiveness and efficiency: doing it right and doing it well!

Whether you want to increase deliveries, better manage drivers or improve your dispatch and routing, Mobilus is the tool you’re were waiting for to scale your business.

Mobilus Helps Local Couriers Reach World Class Standards of Quality and Efficiency

Innovative Delivery Platform

Remove paperwork and allow customers to digitally schedule their own deliveries. Manage your workload in real-time at your fingertips. Communicate all operational information with your drivers, your customers and your customer’s customers  effortlessly.

Powerful Routing

The Mobilus algorithm puts your driver on the most efficient routes so you can cut delivery times, save fuel, and keep them efficient. So easy that anyone can make deliveries with the powerful Mobilus app. It makes your driver selection and onboarding a whole lot easier.

Real-Time Tracking and Communication

 Improve accuracy with handler alerts and live tracking of jobs. Over are the days where you had lengthy back and forth between your drivers and your customers!

Customer Experience

Create your ideal customer experience by providing real-time tracking, predicative ETAs, white-labeled booking, proof of delivery, and quick ways for customers to give feedback.

Cash Management

Keep track of cash payments made to each courier and, at the end of a shift, cash out with drivers in a snap.

New & Improved Data

Get daily KPIs such as average delivery times, individual store data, and find out which deliveries took too long. Leverage that data with your team to create tests, make changes, and improve

An app that everyone loves

Drivers :

Instant notification

Route optimization

Order fulfilment status

Manager :

Centralized customer file

Performance monitoring

Returning order mgmt.

Analysis and Reports

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