Last Mile Delivery

It has never been harder than now to satisfy customers. Today’s customers are smart, well informed and your competitors are always just a click away.

The challenges are then about maintaining positive ROI, optimizing customers’ experience, and reducing operating expenses.

One area in which top businesses have been focusing on in order to face those challenges is last-mile delivery experiences.

The first example that comes to mind is Uber and Amazon for whom the post purchase experience became the foundation of their business successes.

Optimize Your Last Mile Delivery Operations with Mobilus

Turning the last-mile delivery into a customer pleasing and cost-effective segment of your business operations comes with it’s fair share of challenges.
This is where we come into place and help you achieve your last mile goals.

Operating expenses reduction

Reduce payroll expenses by minimizing manual work and tracking, save on fuel with optimized delivery routes, never miss a delivery because the client wasn’t there with our live ETA notifications. Earn more per client with increased loyalty thanks to a better overall customer experience.


Measure and understand every step along your last-mile delivery journey.

Optimize performance

Identify the underperforming areas of your operation and optimize resource allocation and customer satisfaction.

Improve ROI

Increase ROI by removing bottlenecks and areas of unproductivity. Increase order volume and frequency with a better client experience and build brand loyalty.


Grow or expand in a proportional and profitable way.

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