Make the right decisions based on facts from great reports

The need to consolidate essential information into a single report, that is both accessible and easy to use, is essential for the proper management of a delivery fleet.
Key information such as time restrictions for delivery, customer notes, proof of delivery and signature are all stored and made readily accessible with a few clicks.

Tired of unreliable data?

No one likes to sit at home waiting for a package to arrive. With real-time driver tracking, you are offered the possibility to track and ensure that the provided ETAs are attainable and allowed to intervene if further customer interaction is required.

We help you get closer to the client and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust.

How can performance reports help your business?

Track your employees or third-party fleet while they work

  • Validate the conformity of the deliveries and the respected time constraints requested by the customers
  • Sharing information transparently between your business and your third-party fleet enable you to provide a constant and positive experience to your clients regardless of who performed the delivery.

Speed up your cash balance

  • Quickly track all transactions according to payment methods and target deliveries that do not balance.

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