Real-Time Driver Tracking

Allow the person in charge of operations to know the location of the delivery drivers.

Accurate, real-time driver location tracking allows you to manage exceptions with the help of smart alerts. Ensure excellence in customer experience by reacting and adapting before it becomes a problem.

Your drivers are the “touch point” to your clients. Providing ETA’s and relevant notifications helps ensure timely delivery and a better customer experience.

Customers love and understand ETAs

No one likes to sit at home waiting for a package to arrive. With real-time driver tracking, you are offered the possibility to track and ensure that the provided ETAs are attainable and allowed to intervene if further customer interaction is required.

We help you get closer to the client and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust.

How can real-time driver tracking help your business?

Increase efficiency

  • Know when any of your drivers are close by to pick up a last-minute order

Know what your drivers are doing on the road

  • HR accounts for the most resource intensive area of your delivery process. Have access to real time driver tracking data and significantly reduce your delivery costs

Improved customer satisfaction

  • Provide accurate ETAs regardless of what happens on the road


  • Know how much time is spent by your drivers at any steps of the last-mile delivery

Reaction time

  • Fix arising issues before they become problems

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