Returned package Management

Depending on the market niche you operate in, returns might be a necessary evil in your last-mile delivery operations.
This is where reverse logistics and return management comes into play.

Managing returns

Mobilus allows the driver to select the reason for return from preset options (ie: Customer was not at the destination, customer refused order, error on the order etc…) and can also collect proof of no-delivery by taking a picture of himself at the door of the client with the package etc.

Once the driver completes the return request, the manager will be notified of the status of the return and will be able to track it’s position all the way back to the store or warehouse.

This feature is particularly important for sensitive packages such as medicine where returns must be carefully controlled to avoid loss.

The return information will be collected and stored into the client profile. For example, this allows you to identify customers who are not present upon delivery even with being given an ETA

Better manage your returns with Mobilus

Quick and professional customer service

  • Centralize your communication channels into one with Mobilus and have anyone from your team answer customers inquiries in real time while keeping all the information available in one place. Make returns and the ability to modify current customer orders a breeze with Mobilus.
  • Don’t lose any orders
  • The return process is tedious and can result in lost orders. With Mobilus you can easily access all the information required, to not not only identify the physical location of the returned package but to also know who was the last person in charge of it

Easily understand the nature of a return

  • Stop wasting your valuable time searching for information on returns (often scattered all over the place between manual notes, calls to the team and clients etc.). Mobilus does it all for you.

Optimal customer experience

Effective return management allows for a transparent experience and serves as a track record that becomes key for both the management and the client.
Coherence and traceability make for a better experience for all parties involved.

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