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Software that turns tedious expenses into convenient profits!

Mobilus provides solutions for your business to deliver more orders, and to do it conveniently and faster.
Take your pharmacy's home delivery operations to the next level by eliminating paper forms, optimizing delivery routes and tracking customer orders in real time.

How it works

Create any new or recurring delivery order into Mobilus and schedule the delivery as per the convenience of the customer. Drivers easily pick the delivery orders and our powerful algorithm provides the best delivery route directly in their mobile app. Let the driver successfully deliver the order, get a proof of delivery, and collect the order payments if required! Voila!

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Maximize the scope of each of your pharmacy delivery operations with Mobilus

Have the delivery status at your fingertips thanks to real time data exchange with your couriers.

The benefits are many: easy of use, optimization of delivery routes, better workforce planning, error reduction and finally get rid of all those archaic paper processes.

Notify your customer by SMS of when you will arrive with their order and significantly reduce the number of errors made!

Hundreds of pharmacies are using Mobilus for

Simplifying the work

By eliminating paper and pencil, the daily management of the delivery service becomes much simpler, faster and of better quality. A tool that helps managers, pharmacy employees and delivery personnel alike.

Efficient Routing

Turn your tedious route planning chores into a pleasant and cost saving one click task! The Mobilus algorithm provides your drivers with the most efficient routes saving on delivery times, fuel, and maintenance costs. And all that at the push of a button!

Real-Time Communication

Provide your drivers and pharmacy staff with centralized, accurate and real-time data. Put an end to time consuming and confusing back and forth between your teams with useful alerts and notifications.

Improve Customer Experience

Delight your clients by providing them with real-time communication, accurate ETAs, and more. Offer them an overall better and more transparent experience.

Effective Cash Management

Are you looking for more effective ways to manage your cash payments made to your drivers? Look no further! We help you cash out with your drivers in seconds.

Improve Everyday

We believe that success comes with small and continual improvements. This is why our solution provides you with a clear overview of the KPIs that really matters to your business. Easily track performances, identify under-performing areas of your service and apply corrective actions.

Fight Resistance to Change with AN APP THAT DRIVERS & MANAGERS LOVE

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive interface that you can quickly master, designed to keep your eyes on the road.

Helpful information

Access orders in preparation to better organize your route and be proactive instead of reactive.

Avoid being disturbed

Receive instructions in the App while on the road and without having to memorize them.

Centralized customer file

All the information necessary for delivery is accessible by all couriers. Facilitates training of new delivery personnel and ensures quality of service in the event of a replacement.

Essential features

Use a map to plan your route or let Mobilus optimize your route completely. Use the photo feature or get a signature to confirm your deliveries.

We understand the challenges faced by pharmacies

Medical deliveries are time sensitive

Delivering medicines and prescription drugs to patients is a serious endeavor. With patient’s well-being on the line, it is crucial to have a reliable delivery management solution.

Sensitive Customers

Due to a typical pharmacy's clientele, respecting the habits of customers makes all the difference in the quality of service. The delivery stage is an important component in the overall perception of service quality.

An expensive service

Offering a delivery service to a portion of your customer base is an additional charge to your operating costs and you do it as a service to your customers. In this context, controlling costs, reducing wasted time and products while maximizing efficiency becomes essential.

Coordination Issues

Managing pharmacy deliveries is complex as it involves many pharmacy staff, delivery personnel and customers. Not having a medication delivery solution causes issues for pharmacies as there is limited coordination without a centralized, real-time, web based solution. What results is customer dissatisfaction because of late or missed deliveries, frustration amongst your staff and increased operational costs

Pharmacies we’ve helped with their prescription delivery

The end of paper and wasting time looking for information. Calls to the drivers are virtually eliminated and customer complaints are becoming rare. Mobilus helped us get through our recent audit with flying colors. The time we saved has been put to good use at the pharmacy.

Lillian Presley
Controller, Medical Arts Pharmacy, Cornwall

After a thorough review of softwares available in the market that could help us better manage medication deliveries at our pharmacies, Murphy's Healthcare chose Mobilus Technologies. Having Mobilus has allowed us to streamline our service and make it much more efficient, while improving the customer experience. We no longer wonder what is happening with our deliveries as the platform allows everybody to see the delivery progress in real time. The reporting features now give us the data we need to make better decisions. The software itself is reliable and easy to use and the after sales service made all the difference to get us started on the right foot.

Derek Tweel
Murphy's health Care pharmacies

Mobilus allowed us to trace each delivery well, from the time it was taken from the pharmacy to the final destination at the customer. Communication was also greatly improved between laboratory staff and delivery people. In short, this technology has allowed us to improve the quality of our service.

Julien Bureau

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