Restaurant Delivery now made easier!

Meal-delivery apps are devouring your restaurant profits...
Put an end to that and take ownership of your deliveries!
Manage your own fleet, reduce operational costs and deliver more orders, faster with Mobilus.
How? Schedule orders, optimize and track deliveries and notify customers with Mobilus

How we help you achieve restaurant deliveries under 30 minutes

It’s easy! Place your delivery order in Mobilus to schedule the delivery. Your drivers then select the orders and our powerful algorithm provides the best delivery route directly in their mobile app! No more paper notes stapled to the customer's order!
The client is then notified with a delivery ETA which they love!
Let the driver successfully deliver the order, get a proof of delivery, collect the order's payments and you have a satisfied customer who’s about to enjoy your delicious meal!


Delivery car

Delivery notification

Happy CX

We know how you feel about commission-based fees….  and we feel the same!

With Mobilus, you pay one Flat Price per delivery. That’s the only fee you’ll ever see.

Restaurants Use Mobilus’ Delivery Software For

Powerful Routing

The Mobilus algorithm puts your driver on the most efficient routes so you can cut delivery times, save fuel, and keep them efficient. So easy that anyone can make deliveries with the powerful Mobilus app. It makes your driver selection and onboarding a whole lot easier.

Real-Time Tracking

Improve accuracy with custom alerts and live tracking of jobs. Over are the days where you had lengthy back and forth calls between your drivers and your restaurant!

Customer Uber-like Experience

Create your ideal customer experience by providing real-time tracking, predicative ETAs, white-labeled booking, proof of delivery, and quick ways for customers to give feedback.

Cash Management

Keep track of cash payments made to each courier and at the end of a shift, cash out with drivers in a snap.

New & Improved Data

Get daily KPIs such as average delivery times, individual store data, and find out which deliveries took too long. Leverage that data with your team to create tests, make changes, and improve.

An app that everyone loves

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive interface that you can quickly master, designed to keep your eyes on the road.

Helpful information

Access orders in preparation to better organize your route and be proactive instead of reactive.

Avoid being disturbed

Receive instructions in the App while on the road and without having to memorize them.

Centralized customer file

All the information necessary for delivery is accessible by all couriers. Facilitates training of new delivery personnel and ensures quality of service in the event of a replacement.

Essential features

Use a map to plan your route or let Mobilus optimize your route completely. Use the photo feature or get a signature to confirm your deliveries.

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